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Hyland Announces the Next Evolution of Its Cloud Hosting Architecture, the Hyland Cloud

Custom designed, privately managed cloud to host OnBase, ShareBase and future Hyland cloud-based products

Hyland announces the rebranding of its secure, privately managed, multi-instance cloud hosting architecture. The Hyland Cloud features a scaled up infrastructure to accommodate the growing cadre of Hyland’s product offerings. The Hyland Cloud is exclusively designed to act as a hosting architecture for OnBase, Hyland’s enterprise information platform, ShareBase, Hyland’s cloud-based, file sharing platform, as well as any future cloud-based applications and product offerings.

“With more than 13 years of cloud deployment experience and well over 4 billion documents stored, the Hyland Cloud is a mature and proven solution for organizations of all sizes, from department to enterprise-wide deployments,” said Patrick Mulcahy, vice president, global cloud services at Hyland. “The Hyland Cloud provides a safe, secure and reliable option that enables organizations to focus on driving business solutions, removing the burden of data center maintenance from our customers.”

The Hyland Cloud is built on multiple co-located data centers across six countries — including United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Australia and Japan — and provides organizations with the precise locations of their content at all times, available with 99.99 percent uptime since the cloud’s inception.

Additionally, the Hyland Cloud is a private cloud that eliminates any instances of co-mingling of data, configured and maintained to provide maximum security demonstrated by ongoing audits and adherence to strict ISO-based policies. Authorized users are able to access protected, mission-critical information, while appropriate disaster recovery and business continuity commitments are simultaneously enforced.

“Our dedicated team of cloud services professionals provides continuous support for the 1.7 petabytes of data — and counting — protected by both digital and physical security protocols,” said Marc Cianciolo, manager, global cloud services at Hyland. “We hold ourselves to the highest of standards as evidenced by our strict audit protocols, and our commitment is fully reflected in the success of our 700 hosted customers.”

More and more companies are embracing the cloud philosophy. To learn more about the evolution of the Hyland Cloud, visit


About Hyland

Hyland is a leader in providing software solutions for managing content, processes and cases for organizations across the globe. For 25 years, Hyland has enabled more than 15,000 organizations to digitalize their workplaces and fundamentally transform their operations. Named one of Fortune’s 2016 Best Companies to Work For®, Hyland is widely known as both a great company to work for and a great company to do business with. For more information, please visit

About OnBase by Hyland

OnBase is a single enterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. Providing enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), records management and capture all on a single platform, OnBase transforms organizations around the globe by empowering them to become more agile, efficient and effective. Enterprise cloud-based sharing capability for the OnBase platform is available with our complementary offering, ShareBase by Hyland. To learn more about how more than 15,000 organizations are digitizing their workplaces to transform their business operations, visit

About ShareBase by Hyland

ShareBase, an enterprise cloud-based product, is a secure, IT-approved platform to easily share information inside and outside the organization. Specifically designed for corporate use, ShareBase provides information governance to IT administrators by enabling them to closely control user access and permissions while creating an audit trail of user activity. When used in conjunction with OnBase, Hyland’s industry leading enterprise information platform, sharing content outside of OnBase becomes an automated part of your business processes, reducing bottlenecks through seamless collaboration. For more information, please visit