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Universal Forest Products Wins Global Award for Excellence in Case Management Leveraging OnBase by Hyland

The Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC) awarded Universal Forest Products, Inc. (UFPI) the 2015 Global Award for Excellence in Case Management for adapting business and work processes to the dynamic and unpredictable nature of knowledge-driven work. This marks the second straight year that the WfMC awarded an organization using OnBase by Hyland as its case management system.

Announced during the 2015 BPM & Case Management Global Summit, Universal was honored for improving performance and empowering employees across the organization. The company showcases how dynamic case management solutions can provide crucial information to knowledge workers – in context – at the critical moment when they need to act.

After working with national reseller PRGX Global to implement OnBase, a low-code application configuration platform, Universal created multiple case management applications to support a variety of business areas. The resulting success stories are numerous and wide-ranging, as the company:

  • Improved environmental compliance initial response rates to 99 percent, a 45 percent increase
  • Streamlined and reduced time spent managing the capital expenditure process by 98 percent
  • Enabled the Credit department to save approximately $25,000 in annual fees by eliminating a costly departmental point solution
  • Automated clerical work, allowing knowledge workers to focus on analyzing information rather than manually tracking it down
  • Made solutions contextually aware of all case-related requirements, including tracking when they are fulfilled
  • Replaced several antiquated database applications and inefficient spreadsheets

“Universal Forest Products has gone through a strategic and technological evolution involving case-driven solutions,” said Sean Lemon, national project manager for Universal. “As an early adopter of case management software capabilities, we realize the power of these solutions to support knowledge-driven, information-intensive work. Over the past few years, we have continued to innovate and stretch the technology to new levels – leveraging OnBase to create content-enabled, context-aware and case-driven business applications across the organization.”

“My colleagues and I would like to congratulate Universal for earning the Global Award for Excellence in Case Management for its tremendous business process transformation and impressive results,” said Amanda Ulery, case management product manager, Hyland. “By combining the ability to manage data, processes and documents on one platform, OnBase effectively supports case management and equips users with a 360-degree view of all the information they need to make better decisions, gain visibility, identify areas for improvement and increase effectiveness over time.”

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About OnBase by Hyland

OnBase is a flexible enterprise content management (ECM) solution that helps organizations manage documents and data to streamline business operations. Integrating with everyday business applications, OnBase provides instant access to critical information when you need it, wherever you are. It is tailored for departments and comprehensive for the enterprise. OnBase gives you what you need today and evolves with you over time whether deployed via mobile, cloud or on-premises. For more information, please visit

About Universal Forest Products, Inc. (NASDAQ: UFPI)

Universal Forest Products, Inc. is a holding company that provides capital, management and administrative resources to subsidiaries that supply wood, wood composite and other products to three robust markets: retail, construction and industrial. Founded in 1955, the Company is celebrating its 60th year in business. It is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., with affiliates throughout North America and Australia. For more about Universal Forest Products, go to

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